The stretch mark experiment

Badges of motherhood, road maps of motherhood or what ever you decide to call them, stretch marks suck! I have had two fairly large babies, one weighing in at 8lb 11oz and the other 10lb 13oz I am only 5'3 (or 163 cm tall) so my babies had to grow out and not up! I have plenty of nasty stretch marks.

Stretch marks start off as purple-red streaky scars that appear on the skin. Around 50% of pregnant women will develop stretch marks. Stretch marks can develop on the stomach, breasts, hips, buttocks and thighs and some times on the legs. Pretty much where ever the skin is getting a good stretch! Over time, the stretch marks fade and become shimmering white lines in the skin. They are not raised and may feel slightly indented. Stretch marks come about when a deep layer of skin (the dermis) actually tears under stress, they really are a type of scar and a really hard one to heal!

Prevention is always better than cure but the research is out on how to actually do this. Try and eat really well, drink plenty of water and try to keep weight gain slow and steady. Keep the skin hydrated as best you possible can, but none of this is a guarantee. The chances are if you are reading this, taking preventative measures is too late. If you have gotten through pregnancy without a mark please try not to brag too loudly, but we would love to hear what you think helped you to achieve this!

I am setting up this page because I strongly believe that your body is equipped to heal itself and I am going to try to at least drastically REDUCE my own stretch marks.
This will be the place to join me as I post up the research I come across and the things I try. I will also be trying to be brave and actually posting photos!

If you have any ideas of tips please post them in the comments box, but please only post things you have actually had some success with and please do not post ad's to programs for beating stretch marks. Just tell us what you tried and how it worked for you. Thanks very much everyone and stay tuned!

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