Saturday, 2 January 2010

Christmas and New Year stress

Another Christmas season had passed us by and no doubt many of you are breathing a sigh of relief (me included). The season can be a stressful time, the added financial pressure of gifts, the pressure of cooking for an army of relatives, the social circuit that goes nuts in the holiday season, not to mention the stress of actually shopping with the hoards of other stressed out Christmas shoppers. But does it have to be this way? Aren't we all meant to be happy and loving and kind toward our fellow man?? Perhaps someone needs to remind the drivers of the closest ten cars to the last parking space in all of down town shopping-ville! Really, we bring it upon ourselves. We currently have 357 sleeps to prepare (or so I am told by a gleeful Christmas site) and it's not like the date changes every year or anything! So this year I plan on buying gifts through out the whole year and mostly online to avoid the shopping stress and to spread out the extra payments. I won't be doing the cooking this year as it will be someone else's turn, so that's an easy stress break. I'll plan to catch up with friends and extended family that we won't see on the day, in the early days of December for something casual, maybe a picnic in the park or a lazy Sunday brunch. I will not be shopping in the days leading up to Christmas day, it is just too hectic and the parking a nightmare. I would love to hear your ideas on dealing with the stress of the day and how you plan to do things differently this year?

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Katie Frew said...

Is it weird that I kinda like the shopping before Christmas? Though given I don't have the stress of a family and small children so maybe it's different but being in the stores last year around Christmas was so exciting!! Everything was Christmassy and fun and I just really enjoyed finding presents for people. I agree though people need to chill out and put on a holiday smile instead of being grouchy!!

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