Sunday, 21 February 2010

Don’t lose your memories


Very recently the hard drive on my computer failed and off it went to the computer shop. The guys seemed to think it was a basic problem and the worst case scenario would be a back up and reboot. Two days later I got the call to advise that this was not the case. The hard drive had completely failed. I had lost everything, photo's, video's, documents, everything! I was sad to think that I had lost so many recorded memories but thought there would be other photo's of events on my husband disks.

When I picked up my computer several days later I discovered that the tech guys had put in a huge effort to retrieve my photos! I was so stoked that I could have kissed them (in fact they looked a little afraid that I just might!). That night I sat down to look through the photos and videos and discovered a gold mine of memories. Many I hadn't realised that I had. One of the videos showed my eldest daughter laying on the floor with her new born sister saying "It's ok mummy, I look after baby". Not only could I have lost something so precious I would have lost it without knowing.

So the moral of the story? Go back through your old photos and videos, keep remembering. And BACK THINGS UP!

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