Saturday, 24 April 2010

A big bump

I had been working on a post for most of the day on children and food and had planned to finish writing it tonight just before feeding my girls dinner. It didn't work out that way. While standing in my husbands office we heard a dull, soggy thud followed by an awful scream and raced for the lounge room to find our eldest daughter with her hands over her mouth and blood running down her chin. It is one of those moments that parents dread, we took her to the bathroom and had her rinse her mouth to try to spot the damage. Her lip was rapidly swelling and her nose was bleeding a little two. Normally I am ok with dealing with my children and bleeding, unless my husband is home and then I just seem to fall apart. So there in the bathroom with Bug spitting blood in the sink and wailing in pain, as her little face swelled up, I began to get that horrible sick feeling in my tummy as my head began to overheat, I was not doing well and neither was my little girl. I went out of the room to check on our youngest daughter who was upset at the accident but couldn't tell me what had happened. By this point I was planning the route to the nearest hospital and getting cross with my husband for wanting to look at the problem instead of deciding what to do!!! When I ventured into the bathroom again my husband had established that all teeth where still in place and the blood was coming from inside her top lip.Bug seemed to be ok, just upset. The story turned out to be that Bug had tried to give her little sister a piggy back and had toppled over but hadn't let her sister fall, and had instead face planted into the floor. As parents these sorts of little accidents seem to pop up when you least expect them! But at least it was just a little one this time and nothing major.

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