Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Trying too hard

This week I have been trying to plan a family routine. It is not working. When you write it all down one of two things happens, 1- it looks like very little needs to be done or 2- it looks like too much needs to be done! It also seems much too easy to underestimate how long tasks will take to complete- add a toddler in the middle of toilet training and a pre schooler who is able to create total destruction in half a second and my routine might as well look like this:
7am- Wake up
7.02am- Breakfast chaos
7.30am- Clean up while chaos happens in another room
7.45am- tackle chaos known as the kitchen
- mop up pee puddle
- more chaos
Blah blah blah

Our toy room, the hub of chaos!

I think I am trying too hard to line up my day in a nice neat row. Perhaps a list of a few things that need to be done in a day, minus the scheduling, would be better.
How do you manage to run a house hold and get it all done? And what do you let slide?


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Anonymous said...

hooray found you
forgot to mention the exhibit thing opens tomorrow night at the brunswick st. gallery if you get down that way
good to catch up today
blog on you crazy diamond.

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