Wednesday, 17 November 2010

The family money

Mmm, the family money, sounds posh, it's not. Am I wealthy? Not financially. Will I be in the future? I hope so. Am I some crazy person who is going to work myself into the ground till I am wealthy? Not a chance. I am in fact a married mother of two, our family lives on one income generated by my husband from his small business and sometimes it is financially tough. My kids are three and five years old and we have another due in April. We do not own a house but we do own our car. The 'global financial crisis' has not really hit us but if we want to move ahead and stop living from one week to the next and buy a home for us to live in then we need to tighten the belts and start making some smart decisions. The purpose of this section of Highlights to Housework is to outline what we are doing to improve our position, share some tips and tricks and hopefully help some other people out as we go along. I am hopeful that along the way my family can make some choices that not only save us money but can reduce our impact on the environment. I am not a narcissist and I can not totally 'go without' so don't expect to be reading about a total scrooge. I have a terrible addiction to shoes and my husband is a bonsai freak and there are times when we just have to have a pair or a new tree. I will endeavour to be brutally honest about spending habits and exactly how things work for us. Money is such a taboo subject and I think that sometimes if we could all just be a little more open and honest about it our lives would be easier.

Now before I go diving head first into the The Family Money section I thought I had better share my views on wealth. With the Family Money I would like to be focusing on wealth and not just money, on improving our quality of life and not necessarily on becoming rich. Now don't get me wrong, I fully intend to be saving real $$$ but I think wealth goes well beyond that. I think we are all capable of achieving real wealth through the way we live and the choices we make. Our friends, family and our own personal selves are our greatest tool to help us achieve real wealth.

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Leese said...

Hey Nicole .. I remember when I used to drop paychecks on shoes before I married and had two stepsons to worry about. We also own a small business and I was recently laid off from a very well paying job.

I found that I learned a very valuable lesson .. recognizing "need" vs. "want" .. and it was amazing to me how much money we could actually save if we really thought about what we were going purchase and did a little homework instead of buying on impulse.

Looking forward to reading more of your blog!

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