Tuesday, 30 November 2010


This week I bought the latest copy of Family Fun magazine. I flicked through and wasn't really impressed with the content this month, however one article caught my eye. The article entitled "Don't lose your marbles!" written by a mum of five aged between 3 and 16, trying to come up with a way to encourage her kids to pull their weight around the house. She had tried the charts on the fridge and the pretty stickers, the glitter and poster board without much success. This all sounded fairly familiar to me, although my kids are 3 and 5 getting them to do the smallest chore like putting their shoes away can be more trouble then it worth! But then Malissa O'Brian came up with a new idea for her family and I though it sounded like a great plan so I have set it in motion today!
Each child is given a jar with their name on it, I got the little ones to decorate a label that I then glues to their jar. A bag of glass or plastic gems unique to each child is also needed. Now, draw up a list of jobs that can be done by the kids, on our list we have:
  • Put toys away
  • Make your own bed
  • Put the rubbish bag into the big bin
  • Take the dirty clothes from the bathroom to the laundry
  • Put the recycling in the big recycling bin
  • Set the table
  • Help mummy put away the clean dishes
  • Clear the table after dinner (with help)
  • Help daddy clean and feed the duck
Now they are not expected to do all of these everyday but for every job that they do complete they get a gem to put in their jar and when it is full they get a special reward. A lunch out with mum or dad, a new book or some pocket money to put toward something bigger (probably best for older kids). A penalty can also come into play with the jars with a gem being removed for bad behaviour but I think my kids are a little young for that yet. So far since I have explained how this works the girls have raced off to make their beds, put out the recycling and to help me put away the dishes. So far so good, we will see if stand the test of time!
Do you have ways you encourage the kids to help out around the house?

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