Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Our music was better!

Yesterday I had the radio on to a top 40's station, after being bombarded with the likes of Ke$ha and Katy Perry and god knows what other crap I had a rant at my husband! Something along the lines of how these songs had such shallow and ridiculous lyrics and that it was no wonder kids had such poor literacy and blah blah blah! And then I made the mistake of saying that music when we were kids was no where near as silly and ridiculous. My husband laughed and started reminding me of some very funny songs! I feel old now

How about this one???

Or this

or this perhaps???

Enough said I think!


Juanita said...

Wow - I must've blocked Barbie Girl out of my mind for its awfulness because I had honestly forgotten it had ever existed!

Rhianna said...

How did Unskinny Bop make it to this list??? That song rocks!

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