Friday, 31 December 2010


On days when you really absolutely need to get things done, when time is of the essence and you are on a deadline, you can guarantee that your kids will have a bad day, its motherhood law! The day before our trip my two totally broadsided me. They got out of bed, ate breakfast in a timely and neat fashion, got dressed in the clothing I had laid out for them without protest, brushed hair and teeth, found shoes and watched a little TV while I got ready. We got in the car, got to the shops and were finished getting everything we needed in 40 minutes. I should have seen the ambush coming but I was blinded by all the glowing, angelic behaviour. Once we arrived home the girls settled in to watch Play School while I cleaned the kitchen ready for a marathon day of cooking and craft in preparation for Christmas day. That was a t 9:30am it is now 1.30pm and barely a thing is done.
It has been a bit of a blur, my three year old, who has been toilet trained for over a year has wet her pants, not once but three times. My five year old loudly announced that everything in the bedroom was hers and no one else was to touch anything, she received a got whack on the head with a toy for her effort. There have been fights, yelling, screaming and door slamming, demands for lunch every two minutes, spilt milk, dropped food, misused crayons and me hiding in the bathroom! It has been crazy. It is now 3:30 and I am struggling to write this on paper while my shortbread bakes. Who knows when I will get to type this up??? I still have hours of work to get through and time is rapidly running out.

Note to self- be more organised and hire a baby sitter! or maybe just wait till the kids are in bed.

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