Monday, 17 January 2011


Once again I find myself adrift on a dark ocean with not a single star to light my way.
Wandering the desert, searching for the grain of sand I need to find my future.
Pushing my way through a dense forest to find the tallest tree to climb and be shown my destiny. Hiking to the top of the tallest mountain so I can gaze forward to a clear path....

Well actually, it isn't that bad, but that was fun!
See I have made a decision, now normally this would quieten an over active mind, but not this time! Instead it has kicked it up a gear. Now my brain has me bounding out of bed in the dead of night to take notes and expand ideas. Wonderful in theory but not fun when your kids wake at first light and expect you to enthusiastically participate in their wakefulness.

So what is the big decision? I like this writing bizo! I would like for Highlights to Housework to be just the beginning for me. I know that my writing is not perfect and not always as engaging as I would like but I am willing, more than willing, to work my butt off to make it better.

The problem is that the expectation of most careers is that they will generate some form of income. Anyone who writes a blog knows that getting it to make money is tricky indeed. So Highlights to Housework isn't going to make me financially secure. So I will need to put myself out there. I am thinking of doing a short course or two on writing for magazines and then throwing myself in the deep end. What do I have to lose?

I would dearly love to hear peoples ideas or experiences and constructive criticism (be gentle please)

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Tashmica said...

Actually, this was one of my goals this year. I am pursuing a few freelance writing possibilities. My advice? Check out local online publications for practice and to gather new readers. Um, I am guilty of attempting to post too much. I know people say that's impossible but I feel like my voice got watered down under the pressure of just posting something....anything to get people to read. Do what you love, even if it's for free and get a day job. :)

Rhianna said...

go for it I say! A great site to look at is ( I will send you an invite in a tic) It can give you the practice, get you published and there is even a small chance of payment. Though if you make it big before me I won't be too happy lol

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