Saturday, 8 January 2011

A dirty little secret

I have a secret. One of those dirty little secrets that you hope stays hidden cause you aren't sure how to explain it. My secret is about to come here goes (cue deep breath):

I have bought every copy of Vogue Australia magazine since the January edition of 2002. And I still have them all. Under my bed. That's 12 issues per year for eight years equalling 96 Vogue magazines under my bed! Add to this an assortment of home and garden magazines- some parenting magazines and a few kids fashion mags and it starts to look a bit crowded under there.
So this week I have spent my time going through all the non Vogue magazines and taking out the photos and articles I wanted to keep (in my world this is actually fun!) The collection has been noticeably cut down by my activity but there are still those 96 Vogue magazines and the number will increase every month. Why do I keep them you ask? I have a few reasons really.

* The contents are generally beautiful and a little beauty is always nice

* I love having a chronicle of fashion and beauty over the decades

* I have a thing for unaffordable high fashion. Its a bit like a dream of a past life, a picture of what my life would have been dressed in had I not had children

* I have two little girls and another princess on the way. At the ages of three and five my girls are already aware of fashion trends and are very strong minded about what they wish to wear (a little too strong minded if you ask me!) I keep my magazines so my girls can read them and laugh and oh and ah and be inspired. So they can dream of Dior couture and Chanel suits and statement bags and fabulous shoes.

Am I being silly?
And what can I do with my unwanted magazines? Is recycling them enough?


☆ Melissa ☆ said...

Hmm.. if you love them so much chances are so will someone else, Maybe you could donate them to a school Art class or a scrapbooking club locally! :] Melissa

Tashmica said...

I totally agree that a little beauty is nice sometimes. I don't have a magazine collection but I swear some days I don't want to do anything but roll in my shoes! I think we mothers sometimes take for granted how much beauty lifts our spirits. :)

Travel Queen said...

Lots of teachers and schools are always looking for old magazines!

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