Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Fire and flood, this is Australia

I had planned to up load a post of my usual humour and parenting tonight but I have instead been reading the news and trying hard not to cry. It appears that our beautiful country is in the grip of apocalyptic weather.
Queensland is flooding in a VERY big way, people have died and many are missing and it is only set to get worse over the next few days. It is heartbreaking.
Meanwhile the west of the country is on fire, with people losing their homes thanks to some jack ass imbecile that deliberately light a fire.
Here is Victoria it is pouring rain and many areas are on flood watch for tonight and tomorrow. Thankfully we are perfectly safe where we are but I feel so awful for families who are not.
Keep Australia in your thoughts this week and dig deep to help out if you can. People are sure as hell going to need it.
See www.news.com.au for more info.

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