Friday, 14 January 2011


Anyone who reads Highlights to Housework knows that housework is not my strong point. As a stay at home mum this has always made me feel guilty. After all, my home is basically my office, I spend a substantial amount of my time here, and so shouldn't it be neat and organised and lovely? No matter the answer, my house is not!
I have however; found that I am not alone! I love to read other peoples blogs and recently have come across several posts lamenting the writer's ability to stay on top of housework while raising kids.
So here is the question, or questions.
  • As a generation, have we missed something about keeping house?
  • With the full force of the feminist wave behind us, did we charge off ready to become lawyers and doctors and writers and politicians and forget that one day we might be wives and mothers requiring a totally different set of skills?
  • Did we forget that raising kids and keeping house is indeed a skill worth having?
  • Or is it all a myth? Is the trick, in fact, to stash all your stuff in the spare room, light a scented candle and swan about pretending the house is always so lovely?
It appears that we have developed a type of domestic amnesia! Is this is what has caused the rise of the domestic goddess? The Martha's and the Nigella's who make millions telling us how to fold a fitted sheet and how to roast Sunday lunch (and in some cases how to wind up in prison by not paying taxes)

Time to fess up I say!
I want to know how everyone stays on top or tries to stay on top of the housework.


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