Sunday, 2 January 2011

Perks of the job

There are some pretty awesome perks to being a stay at home mum. You don't have to operate to anyone else's schedule (school drop off and pick up excluded) The day is you oyster and it's beautiful to be able to really take the time to be with your kids. The crazy things they say and do, the spontaneous kisses and cuddles, the singing and dancing, the curious questions and just being able to interact with them. My girls have a new ritual at the moment were they jump into bed with me and spend sometime with my pregnant belly. They cuddle and kiss, talk and sing song and try to listen to the baby. They only stay about 20 minutes but it just wouldn't happen if I had to rush out of bed to get ready for work.
Having me at home with the kids is something my husband and I feel very strongly about. It can make for a tough financial situation but we have not had to question our decision yet.
The debate and research into working vs stay at home mums and their families rages with the heat of nuclear war. Everyone feels the need to strongly defend their position. My opinion? You do what is best for your family. That's the easy part. The hard part is keeping your opinions and judgments to yourself! All of us mums and parents are in similar boats, it's not a race and it's not a contest. We all have to make tough choices and sacrifices, that's life. So going into the new year of 2011 I am putting my big girl undies on and am taking to heart this little saying. " Learn to enjoy things the way that they are" or work out how to change them, but now is not the time to sook about it all!

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Kylie Wright said...

I agree with you totally on this one. It doesn't seem to matter what the decision is we make regarding how best to look after our family, there always seems to be an element of guilt. Why can't more of us do just as you suggest, "learn to enjoy things the way that they are." I know I wish that I was better at doing that.

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