Thursday, 3 March 2011

Who needs a smack then?

I like to read the news first thing in the morning, I hardly know why as it is usually full of doom and gloom and today was no different. One story really did stand out for me though. Apparently Bonds is having their annual baby search comp, and this year there is a public voting element. So the photos are on Facebook and people can comment etc. All pretty standard so far, not my thing, but nothing amazing here, except apparently a few "parents" have decided that this comp is a great place for them to make cruel and RACIST comments....about babies! Now some of these comments included saying a baby had a face only a mother could love and calling another an ugly duckling, appalling behaviour and just plain hurtful. But what really got my blood boiling was a photo of a Eurasian baby (the fact that we even need a term like "Eurasian" to describe a baby makes me cross)  called Lilli that had some nasty little pond scum comment on it saying "Bonds Australia not Asia". Now excuse my language but.. WTF???? Firstly Bonds is made in China....secondly racist dumb arse comments are naive, uneducated and just plain nasty, when they are made against a baby (Lilli is one year old) then you can take the above and stick a big ol' rocket up its butt! An adult, logged onto Facebook and made a conscious decision to make a racist comment against a ONE YEAR OLD BABY! God help that persons children, cause they will surely need it!

To read the full story see below.

 Ugly Row as Bonds Baby Search turns Nasty

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The Mother Experiment said...

That little girl is stunningly beautiful, that'd be why someone attacked her. It's stupid mean and useless though.
It does concern me that such a competition even exists though. I almost got sucked into entering my baby (who actually is the cutest baby ever, sorry :p) but on reading the fine print decided it was just a clever way for bonds to get unpaid photos. They have the rights to all photos submitted and the winners don't even get paid to be in the campaign. So its all about bragging rights? These kids are human beings not pets.

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