Tuesday, 19 April 2011

After the birth

Our newest bundle arrived last week with a successful homebirth. It wasn't my easiest labour, but it was still a good one (I'll post more later, once I have my head around it)
I had been looking forward to this birth for more than the obvious reasons. Of course I wanted to meet my youngest daughter but there are other things that I was missing.
I wanted to eat soft cheese! (and my husband had a lovely round of Camembert ready)
I wanted to fit through doorways again and I wanted to stop bumping my belly into everything.
I wanted to get in and out of the car without being tempted to call a crane.
And I wanted to sleep on my belly! Now this last one would seem to be the easiest but it is the one I haven't yet achieved. For the first night bub fed ALL night! Barely a wink of sleep was had and all was while sitting up in bed. The second night was better but bub slept on my chest. The third night I had a visit for the lactation fairy and my milk came in, so now I have a rack that many women would pay top dollar for and it is again impossible to sleep on my tummy!
Sigh, the things we sacrifice as mothers....


The Mother Experiment said...

Congratulations on the safe arrival of bub. Hoping the boobs are settling down nicely now. I bet Bug and Cricket are very doting big sisters? What pet name are you going to have for DD3 I wonder?

The Distressed Mother said...

Congratulations on the safe arrival of your precious girl. Hope you're enjoying your cheese.

TDM xx

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