Monday, 20 June 2011

A novel idea...

Ten weeks ago I had a baby. Nine months before that she had started growing in my belly which inevitably meant I put on weight. I was super lucky with this birth, not only did I have a beautiful baby but I also came out weighing less than when I started growing a baby.
So you think I would be happy right? Wrong!
I started this pregnancy weighing more than I should, an unhealthy weight really. So now it is time to get rid of it. One little catch here is that I am not very good at staying motivated so I had to come up with something novel.
One morning, whilst rummaging through my drawers trying to find something to wear I was millimeters from stamping my feet and having a nice little hissy fit about having to buy new clothing. Then I realised that I have literally hundreds of clothing items that I could be wearing if only they actually fitted me! So I decided that instead of spending money to buy new clothes I would "spend" my excess weight to simply "buy" my smaller sized clothing!
It feels like my whole mind set has changed, I no longer feel deprived when I don't have sweets or an extra large bowl of pasta, instead I can see all of those clothes that I love so much that I have kept them for years (even though they haven't fitted for many of them).
I am really hoping that I can stick it out with my novel approach.
How about you?
Any weight loss ideas?
and what do you think of mine?


Fro' Fashion Fairy said...

I think this is a great idea! Much better to fit in to your older beautiful outfits than spend loads of dosh on things you hope will not fit you in a few months anyway!!
Good luck xxx

Claire said...

What a great idea, and a very positive way to help keep you motivated. :) When we were trying to loose weight, my sister and I started up a private blog just for the two of us. We would post every day and talk about how we were going and our struggles and triumphs. We were also able to encourage each other and 'talk' each other through difficult times. :)

Hong Kong Badger said...

What a great way to view weight loss! I did quite a strict diet a while ago, and the way I approached it was as a culinary challenge. So I set myself the challenge of researching and cooking completely new and delicious meals that were within the bounds of my diet. For me the key was that I still got to eat yummy food - whenever I've dieted in the past I always forced myself to eat really bland/boring foods which meant that I'd crack within days.

It's incredible what herbs can do to make a dish interesting and they don't have any fat or calories! ;-)

Good luck with it all, hope it goes well!! :-)

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