Friday, 2 January 2009

A bright shiny New Year

The beginning of a new year is almost always full of high hopes and dreams, full of expectation and enthusiasm. And then you wake up with a hang over!

Maybe a massive party the night before a new start is not the best option. Thankfully this year I had a lovely quiet night with my husband, who cooked dinner and served champagne. Yet on the second day of the year I already feel let down by my high expectations, as if the tick of the clock past midnight and changing of the calendar date would mean that everything would be different and wonderful. Instead I am faced with the reality of actually having to put in some effort, I mean really, the cheek of it!

So it is now that I embark on a journey in which I am both driver and navigator, and for which I have no map or compass or sense of direction. I wish to overhaul my "life", to find a sense of calm within my daily activity, to embrace my role as mother and wife and women of the world more fully and with more passion and joy.
But what does that really mean?
What do I need to do to achieve my goals?
Do I need to buy a dishwasher to free up time?
Do I need to spend my day playing with my kids and my nights being with my husband?
Do I need a haircut, new clothes, more shoes and matching handbags?
Or is it really more than all that?

I am very much looking forward to a year in which I get to explore a new side of me and a new side to family life. To get to know new friends better and to learn new things about old friends. To embrace my family and enjoy them for who they are and not to get annoyed by what they say or do as they are entitled to their opinions and I am equally entitled to ignore them! I am also intending to stop that little niggling judgment that we as humans and especially as women go through life inflicting on others. You know the ones I mean, turning up your nose at the way others dress or eat or walk or any number of other silly little things that are really none of our business and which really eat away at our own self worth more that anything else.

So what happens next? Well stay tuned, I'll let you know

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