Saturday, 17 January 2009


As a mother every second thought that runs through my brain seems to be something regarding my children or the future of my family. While this is really as it should be I find myself second guessing my decisions almost constantly since children came into the picture. Every decision I make is checked, rechecked and checked again. The decision is changed, changed back, thought about and thought about some more. The result of all this is often that nothing gets done. I am so worried that my decision my not be the best thing for my family that I simply do nothing. Now I find myself in a predicament. My family is now at a stage where my ability to earn an income needs to be utilised.
And so the decisions start, do I go into business?
Do I get a job?
Do the kids go into care or do my husband and I work things in such a way that one of us is always home with them while the other is at work?
And what is it that I actually want to do?
Much thinking to do

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Rhianna said...

I know just what you mean, it is never easy to make a decision...if only they came with a guarantee that you made the right one it would be ok! Trust in yourself and all will be well

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