Saturday, 18 April 2009


On a recent trip to stay at a relatives house for a little family break I was left perplexed while wandering around trying to find the recycle bin. So after scouting the property I sent a text (don't you love technology) asking where I would find said bin. I was informed that as the council charged a fee for the recycling bin one did not reside at the property. I was less than amused. Profit before planet is a much used slogan but in this case I am applying it. There are two arguments about global warming, one that states that we must do everything in our power to protect Mother Earth and another that states that it's all poppycock! I fall somewhere in the middle. I think blaming everything on global warming is silly and dangerous. I live in Australia and we are a land of extremes, we always have been and I dare say we always will. Fire, flood, drought, extreme heat and snow in the middle of summer, often all at once in different states, are the norm in this vast country. However I strongly believe that we can not continue to plunder the earth and pollute and destroy without consequence. One of the most basic "eco" activities that individuals participate in within this country is to recycle. It is easy and very basic and almost second nature and so it should be. However when a council chooses not to provide a basic service without charge what are we to do? Now my first response was to simply bundle up all of the material that we could recycle and take it home! But with 2 kids and all of their stuff as well as ours the car was fairly full and adding glass bottles and cereal boxes to the mix was just not going to happen. So with much regret and guilt I pilled it into the rubbish bin. My 3 year old was aghast! "Mummy, that's the rubbish bin and you put RECYCLING in it". How do I explain to her it is an important thing to do for her world when a council is too slack to provide recycling to its people?

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