Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Stay at home mum

The term "stay at home mum" seems to be spinning around in society's vocabulary at an increased rate lately. Personally I think it's an odd term, most mums would be stay at home mums, I mean where else would they stay? I would personally like to be a "stay at luxury penthouse mum" but that aint gunna happen!
It seems that there are only two pigeon holes for mums, stay at home mum or working mum, ridiculous really. Firstly, as a SAHM I am rarely home, I am often at the shopping centre, playgroup, swimming lessons, the park and on play/coffee dates! Home is kept for sleeping and refuelling. I dare say that a working mum has the same issues; she is in many more places than work with many more tasks to accomplish. The whole thing seems to boil down to the strange need to assign everyone a label, a nice little box to pop people into. It also makes it easier to judge people,
"Oh, you work".
"when will you go back to work?".
"so what do you DO?".
Wouldn't it be easier to view everyone as equal, every mother is a working mum who should be respected in the eyes of society ('bad' mothers not included!, mmm, judgement call maybe) to support each other and look out for children that we are trying to raise, the future of the world. Maybe, next time you have to fill in on of those forms that asks what you "do" fill in, 'moulder of the future' or some such title and offer no explanation. The next time you are at the park, smile at the women whose kids are running wild, she just might need it.
Do the best you can and see the best in everyone. And while you're at it be kind to the dads who make looking after their children their main focus, please do not assume it is 'custody day', it may be but that does not make anyone less of a parent.
Let's be kind, it takes a village to raise a child and a supported parent to sculpt the future.

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