Thursday, 10 December 2009

Back to the Future

I have noticed a great deal of talk amongst my mummy friends and indeed from myself, about getting things "back".
  • Getting back to their old life
  • Getting back their pre-pregnancy body,
  • Getting back to work, getting back to normal,
  • Getting back into a bikini,
  • Getting back to what life was like before kids.
As far as I can tell there is only one way to actually do that, find someone who has a time machine and head back to the time before you had kids!
Now I am guilty of this too, I long to get my body back, to get back into my old clothes, to get back to sleeping!
It puts a huge amount of pressure on us mums this "getting back" business. Would it not be better to look at the now, to get the best body we can now, to wear the clothes we can now, to love our children now, to be the people we are now. We are now mothers as well as women, we are no longer the maidens but the mothers and we fit into a different stage of life.
It doesn't mean that we can't be beautiful and sexy and hit the beach in a bikini, but we have had babies and it changes your body, it is meant to change your body!
Embrace it, by all means look after yourself and do what you need to feel gorgeous but try not to long for the past, our children are not there they are here with us in the now. Children have an amazing ability to live totally in the present let's follow their lead and live with ourselves in the now!

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