Monday, 7 December 2009


You would have to be living under a rock or have the name of Scrooge to not know that it is almost Christmas.
I love this time of year and kids make this time so very special. The letters to Santa, the desperation to stay on the 'nice' list and the plain old hyper active excitement rubs off on you. I love watching the Christmas movies with them and teaching them Christmas Carols, going for walks to see the Christmas lights and the Australian tradition of the Myer Christmas windows. Even the local shops have windows set with Christmas scenes and decorations are up all over the place.
However I have found a small problem with the majority of Christmas media available to us. Today my four year old announced "Mummy I can't wait for Christmas so we can play in all the snow". Opps.
And it's true really, every where you go Christmas scenes have a winter theme. The movies are set in winter and covered in a blanket of snow. The carols we sing of snow and ice skating and of hot drinks and warm fires. The big problem is that we are in summer and there is very little chance of snow. There has been some uptake on the "Aussie Christmas" with kangaroos instead of reindeer and the beach instead of snow but this is not widely represented and I have yet to see a summer Christmas movie! Mean while my poor little Bug is very confused and fairly upset about this lack of snow business. Possibly time to introduce some Aussie Christmas tradition, but where to start….stay tuned!

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