Sunday, 6 December 2009

Not so sure

I am not ashamed to say that I have a serious shoe fetish, the higher the better in fact. I love my heels so much that when I was pregnant with my first baby my Nan was so worried about me wearing heels that she tried to convince me that my doctor would be horrified that at 8 months I was still in my highest heels.
And as a dance teacher I know the pain of 5 inch heels for far too many hours on a hot day with no air conditioning and the numbing that can last well into the next day. However even I am a little unsure about the latest trend of Botox injections into your feet!
Now the idea is that the Botox numbs the ball of the foot and therefore allows for pain free stiletto wearing, I should imagine though that the injection it self doesn't tickle! And at $1000 a pop I bet the credit card feels a fair amount of pain too. Aesthetic surgery seems to have invaded every part of the human body and while I am not adverse to a little tweak Botox in the foot seems a little extreme, but then again maybe I'll write a second post in mid summer after far too many hours in 5 inch heels in a room with no air conditioning!

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