Thursday, 19 November 2009

Two years old

I would like to say that is has been on of "those" days but I would be lying. It has in fact been one of "those" weeks! With a two year old in the house this is really no surprise. While I don't really subscribe to the idea of the terrible twos it can be a challenging time. My two year old is a beautiful little one (aren't they all?) she talks non stop, she is super affectionate and I love watching her imagination emerge as she plays with her big sister. We are also into the potty training stage with her and she is doing very well. The big problem with little Cricket is getting dresses, my mini fashionista is very specific about what constitutes an outfit and right now its all about skirts and dresses and sparkly shoes. Now this is really pretty easy to accommodate, the problems arise when all of the dresses and skirts she owns (and its only three or four) are wet or dirty and she refuses to wear shorts or pants, it's a skirt or nothing! Now the sparkle shoes are an issue as the only pair we currently have are two sizes to big for her. It is torture to walk through the shops; we have to stop every few steps for Cricket to put her shoes back on! And the tantrums if I dare to dress her in anything that does not have to stamp of approval, little Cricket can scream for a good 25 minutes over a pair of jeans and sneakers even if they are needed for atrip to the park.

Now with both my girls I have resisted putting them in dresses too often, I feel that they can restrict their play by getting the way of climbing and by the adults around them expected them to behave like girls instead of being adventurous little kids! It would seem that at this point though the choice is not totally mine.

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