Wednesday, 3 March 2010

A hidden aspect of parenting

There is a hidden aspect of parenting, actually there are many but this one is an extra sneaky one, it creeps up on you and gives you a shock a bit like your first grey hair. This sneaky hidden parenting rite isn't mentioned in parenting books or included in that annoying advice that you are bombarded with as soon as your pregnancy becomes noticeable. In fact it doesn't even hit when your children are babies it lurks around in the shadows waiting to pounce when your child starts some sort of formal education. You're there innocently dropping off your child at kinder and someone hands you a box of chocolates. How lovely, you think, all this chocolate for me. Then it slowly dawns on you, the chocolate is not for you, it's for unsuspecting family members, friends and neighbours whom you will be SELLING these lovely chocolates to! And just like that, you have been hit with the fundraising stick!

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