Saturday, 27 March 2010

An unexpected visitor

Today as we walked home from the shops we were joined by a lovely little black and white dog, her tag informed us she was Polly and she followed us home. We called Polly's human when we arrived home and she asked if Polly could stay with us for the day. The girls were thrilled and Polly seemed pretty happy to just follow me around. Turns out that Polly is a very placid, very well behaved little dog, such a good girl in fact that even my husband (not a dog person) didn't mind having her visit.

Polly also turned out to be a good lesson for the kids. We did the responsible thing by getting Polly off the street, we called her human and helped out a neighbour by letting Polly stay and we gave her back! We soon learned that Polly only lives two doors down and is the escape artist of the street. It seems likely that we will meet Polly again!

Now, how to deal with the calls of "Mummy, I want a puppy"


PS Polly's owner gave us a beautiful bunch of flowers for our efforts and we loved them!

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