Wednesday, 26 May 2010

The master plan

I have an obsession with pretty diaries. I love them, the way they look, the feel of the crisp new pages, the potential within them. I like the possibility of mega organisation that the pages hold. With such beautiful blank pages and such stunning, life changing potential,  I always vow to write only with a fine tip pen and to use my best hand writing. For 2010 I bought a really beautiful diary, The Master Plan Diary, beautiful soft leather cover, gorgeous thick pages and designed specifically for mums, it even has space to plan meals! So, where is this little gem? um...the bottom of my humongous handbag, barely used but still beautiful.
 The calendar on my mobile phone on the other hand is jam packed! The added bonus of this is that the phone sounds an alarm to inform me that I have something to do or somewhere to go. The alarm often finds me still in Pj's and it often works like a starter gun! The alarm rings and I am off- clothes flying, lunches made, drink bottles filled, kids dressed, hair brushed, keys found and out the door.
Clearly I have yet to find the holy grail of organisation, and I am sure I will carry on buying beautiful diaries, maybe I need to find a Harry Potter inspired one, it could yell at me!

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Tashmica said...

Hello kindred spirit! I am a diary addict myself. Planners too. I completely agree with you. They seem so rich when you buy them. My blog is my main diary now and, you got it, my iPhone. :)

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