Tuesday, 22 June 2010


Being at home day in and day out with the kids can really sap your energy and motivation. When your day is filled with housework and preparing meals and pouring drinks and wiping bottoms and cleaning up spills and kinder pick up and drop off and all of the other little things that add up to a busy day it is very easy to quickly find yourself in a deep and dark rut. So what is the secret to motivation? A nice glass of wine waiting for you after the kids bed time is a good start!! But all jokes aside I think there are several things that can keep you ticking along. The first thing is a little me time, have a cup of coffee or tea and read your favorite magazine, take a walk alone and remember that a shower is not a luxury but a necessity. The second one is to get out of the house, join a playgroup or head to the park with some friends and there kids. In regard to house work it may be a good idea to give up the idea of the 'perfect' house, trying to have a house that looks like it belongs in a magazine will run you ragged with kids in the house.
The one thing that really recharges me is a night out with my girlfriends, a dinner that someone else cooked, a cocktail or two and some intelligent conversation does wonders for a woman. I love my kids dearly but a break from them is really important to me.

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