Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Embracing thrift

I am strongly embracing thrift, a bear hug type of embrace. The fist thing to go in this house will be take away (or take out) food. The problem being I love having food delivered to my door and I enjoy the night off cooking even more so I have a few ideas. The first one is a website I came across in a magazine today, you need to sign up as a member but then you can opt to receive "Dish of the Day" emails that arrive in your inbox every day saving you the effort of deciding on what's for dinner. Check it out here the only problem I have with this site is that, being American, the measurements need to be recalculated for us Aussie folk, but a little use of the brain matter (and an online conversion calculator) never hurt anyone! My second friend on my thrift embracing adventure can be found  here. This a collection of freezer friendly dishes and I will be actioning the filling up of my freezer for the nights that I can not be bothered cooking!
So, any one with me??? Any thrift embracing family meal suggestions??


Tashmica said...

I am horrible about this. I am going to start following a simplify your life challenge on another blog here soon and this is one of my biggest issues. Menu Planning. I'll be interested to see how your thrift embrace comes along. :)

Travel Queen said...

I've been in the habit of making a little extra and freezing portions for lunches/future dinners. When I'm feeling in the mood I'll make a big batch of soup and freeze it into individual portions, soup can stretch a long way and just add some toast or bread rolls for a great meal!! Not too much experience cooking for a family though sorry! I did cook for all my housemates a lot last year and I tend to cook out of the Symply Too Good To Be True cookbooks... they are fabulous, low fat and good "normal" meals (nothing too fancy that kids won't eat!!). You can usually find the recipe books at newsagents, if you can't get your hands on them harass Ray!!! Good luck cuz!!
Katie xo

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