Tuesday, 24 August 2010

A slight hitch

A few weeks ago I got the feeling that something was up with my body, so I took a pregnancy test and got two lines! Baby number three was under way!
This was a REALLY big surprise for us, we had not planned any more children and certainly not right now! It appears that we had tempted the gods with our announcements that our family was complete, they obviously have other ideas for us.
So far I have been feeling rather ill, the person who called it "morning sickness" should be labeled a fraud and publicly denounced for giving women world wide the hope that the feral-ness would be over by lunch! It have all day and night sickness and very little seems to help. A hot shower is fabulous but I can't stand around in there all day!
This pregnancy has taken so rapid adjustment, reminding myself of things I can't eat and of things I NEED to eat. It has also meant unpacking all the boxes of baby "stuff" that had been stored in the garage awaiting a trip to the local charity shop! My laundry is a disaster as I wash and dry and put everything away!
As I settle into this pregnancy you will no doubt hear more about it on this blog. I am looking forward to sharing it all with you!

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