Tuesday, 7 September 2010

This is not a war folks!

When did being a parent become a war against other parents?

Everywhere you look it’s this side against that side.

Breast vs Bottle

Cloth vs Disposable

Baby wearing vs a pram

Cot vs Co-sleeping

Home birth vs hospital birth

Private vs Public (school and hospital system!)

Immunise vs not to immunise

Blah blah blah

It is getting bloody crazy! Seriously, this is not a war. Being a parent is about choices, about deciding what is best for you and your family.

I have had two drug free water births, one in a birth centre and one at home, I breastfed both my babies for 18 months or more.

My best mummy friend has had two caesarean sections and bottle-fed. According to the media fed parenting war we should be mortal enemies, we are not and frankly why should it be my business what her decision is in regard to birthing and feeding her babies?

Ms M made an informed decision about what was best for her and her family and that is the important thing. I would happily bet my shoe collection that she doesn’t stay awake fretting about my choices!!

The only war that should be raging on the parenting front is about choices being taken from us.

The right to choose to birth at home.

The right to choose to birth in a hospital and the right to say NO to unnecessary intervention while there.

The right to informed choice about a c-section or pain relief.

The right to say “You know what, breastfeeding is not working for my baby and I” and to move right along.

The right to breastfeed your baby in public without someone being a moron about it.

The right to be respected as women whose body knows how to birth a baby and have our decisions respected by professionals.

It’s about time as parents we took a stand and ended the war. Stop judging unless you wish to be judged. Embrace one another’s choices and maybe learn a little from each other. Seriously, as a parent, who has the time to judge others for their choices? I don’t nor will I waste my energy on it.

As long as our children are safe and loved it is no matter how they are born or fed. So shun the media hype and smile at that women feeding her baby in the mall, no matter how she is doing it. Keep your silly, invasive comments to yourself; it is highly unlikely that you know a person’s full background or what brings about their choices. Focus instead on keeping kids safe in your community!


Alicia said...

I so agree with you, what a great post on parenting and waring with one another. It's really sad it's like we can't find common ground so instead we pick on or out others differences. We're all parents let's get along. Great Post! Stop by and visit me at Healthy Living And a Balanced You-Empowering Momspiration www.aliciahunter.net

Ellie B said...

Hear, hear. I completely agree that society is to judgmental - at the end of the day we all have different experiences which lead us to make the decisions we do and others should respect that.

Great blog!

Rhianna said...

This is so true and could be applied to so many different areas of life not just parenting.

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