Monday, 29 November 2010

I think I have worked it out!

I am not a very organised person, if you have been reading this blog you already know that.
This can be a real pain sometimes and it seems I am forever NOT getting things done. My house is always a wreck and important events always seem to creep up on me or sometimes pass me by. I think however that I have finally worked out the real issue. I am looking for THINGS to make me organised, an amazing personal planner, a beautiful calendar, a pretty pen to use to record things, better software to manage my finances,a shopping list pad, a book that tells me how to finally manage it all, something, anything that will suddenly transform me into a fabulously organised and tidy little domestic soul. And here is the problem, I have all these things...but I don't use them...they make me feel bad for not using them, the guilt is unbearable, I am just not organised enough to get around to using these things!
So the solution I would think is to STOP thinking about it all and to start actually doing it. I am very good at using my time to not do the things that need to be done, so now I have to become very good at using my time to get these thinks done so that I have time to do the other things that I want to do! It is all rather complicated but terribly simple all at once. The sooner I get it all happening the better, mostly because my oldest child starts school next year and I need to be on the ball and a baby due in April whom is most certainly not going to help with the staying on top of "stuff" issue! Nothing like a little panic to get you motivated. So I am off to hang out the washing, at 9pm, in the dark and cold.....

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Rhianna said...

Rest assured you are not alone, once again this is a complete mirror of what my life is like as well. The funniest part of it all is that last night I stayed up way to late entering somewhat useless information into the calendar on my new computer in a bid to streamline some organisation over the festive season

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