Thursday, 4 November 2010


I have been of floating around in the sweet, sticky, bubbly, sometimes sour juice that is my life. I have been really struggling with finding some direction. As a result I have let the blogging side of things slip and during my thoughts of streamlining life, blogging was really one of the things I was thinking about just letting go of. I have, however, decided that blogging is something I really enjoy and is not beyond my ability to continue on with even when I am going to be juggling three kids!
So here I am, trying to refresh my ideas and my blog and to actually write on a regular basis. I am setting myself a 90 day challenge for the blog, I am aiming to be posting at least every third day and to put an effort into increasing the readership of Highlights to Housework.
Does anyone want to join me??? Just leave a comment at this post with a link to your blog and preferably become a follower (hint hint).
Let's see how we go shall we??


Rhianna said...

Brilliant idea and I may very well try and join your challenge as writing is always I wish I did more of! At the moment I am to come up with 50000 words in a month so what is adding a few blog posts to that lol

Juanita said...

On the same wavelength. Just this morning, while boringly invigilating an exam, I was thinking I'd like to maybe structure my posting a bit more :-)

Good luck with your 90 day challenge! Looking forward to seeing the results of your efforts.

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