Friday, 5 November 2010

Summer nail colour

The 'in' trend for colour on nails this summer is green! Yep, green, like Kermit the frog or the grass in your back yard green!
I dare say this is a colour that could very quickly go very badly wrong...
So first things first, you want to make sure your hand are in amazing condition, that your nails are short and neat and that you are confident enough to pull it all off!
I would suggest that if you work in a conservative environment going fluro green may not be your best option and even if you don't keeping it toned down (in my opinion) would be the best bet for this trend.
How about Revlon Minted?

Or for something a little bolder try OPI Go on Green

I would suggest that you leave anything too bright to the kiddies and to be very careful not to end up looking like you have dipped your fingers in sludge. Otherwise enjoy it while you can and try and use up the whole bottle, I don't see this becoming a classic nail colour!

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Rhianna said...

Oh how times change! I remember back to my yr 12 formal when I wanted to be all green. Anyway 'back then' they didn't have such things as green nail polish (at least not in my small town)so I made my own. How? With clear lacquers infused with green food colouring. Which by the way I wouldn't recommend

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