Monday, 15 November 2010

mummy style

When you have kids to chase after your style comes down to a few basic requirements. What's clean, what fits and what can be done in 5 minutes flat... For the fashion conscious among us this can really grate! The old jeans and t-shirt mummy uniform can only go so far before you start feeling like it's ground hog fashion day.
So here is my take on the issue.
First of all pay attention to what you put under your clothing, make it comfortable and make it nice, there is such a vast array of lingerie in every style imaginable and to suit every budget that you have no excuse for ugly undies. And trust me, you'll feel much better in nice smalls! And keep it under your clothing, show a little class ladies.
Secondly if you are going to wear jeans day in and day out make sure they are the right shape for your body and that they have a little quality about them, this does not mean expensive but pay attention to how they are put together. PLEASE remember that skinny jeans DO NOT suit everyone and are probably not going to work if you actually want to move around. Make sure that your jeans are not going to expose your underwear to the whole world when you bend over, the whole world does not need to see another set of undies! Also watch the length, scuffing around in jeans that are too long is just plain ugly! Have a few different washes in your wardrobe and you should easily be able to dress them up or down.
Thirdly, t-shirts are great but the cheap ones wear fast and quickly look old and ratty, go for quality here too. Try different fabric like bamboo and hemp, they wash well and feel lovely next to the skin. Try mixing this up a little by adding in different cuts and details, and try not to always wear black or white.
Fourth, learn to love your accessories, throw on a scarf, push on some bangles, shove in some great earrings and wear a great watch (although maybe not all at once) these can really life your outfit and your mood and are a cheap to add trend items and colour to your wardrobe. Your hand bag can really lift or weigh you down, mums carry a lot of stuff but your bag should be clean and only stocked with what you need (if you find cold chips in your bag care of the kids you need to clean it out, trust me, it can be gross)
Fifth, shoes! Make them comfortable but not ugly! Flat boots, cowboy boots, ballet flats, statement sneakers, jewelled sandals, heels, wedges what ever. BUY QUALITY! They last longer wear better, breath better and are more gentle on your feet. Choose whatever makes you happy but remember that you will be on your feet pretty much all day, so don't torture them. Look after your shoes with maintenance at the beginning of the season they suit and you'll surprised how long good quality shoes last.

Above all, wear what makes you feel good. It is just as easy and as fast to pull on a dress that you love or jeans and a great shirt as it is to pull on a baggy old grey tracksuit. You'll feel better if you look good and that will go a long way toward you having a great day as a great mum. Just be careful not to get too bogged down in the whole thing, you don't need to look like a supermodel to feel good, have fun with your clothing and enjoy!

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