Wednesday, 10 November 2010

To sleep beyond dawn!

Any parent of a toddler knows that as soon as the sun dares to peek into the world their little one will be peeking out from under the doona! There are several items on the market to help combat this, black out binds, door locks, sleeping pills (just joking!) I have tried to get my little ones to understand that mummy and daddy need to sleep and that they should stay in bed till 7am even if it is just reading a book. The problem with this is that they get up to run into the kitchen to check the clock and announce that it is 7am every five minutes in VERY loud voices, so it doesn't really work for us.
Today while browsing the net I came across the GroClock Day/Night Clock that helps little ones to understand the difference between sleep time and get up time. It is not a traditional clock as such (although it can be set to show the time) but uses a cute image to let kids know when to get up.

Setting this very cute little clock could easily become a part of your child's bedtime routine complete with a pile of books on the bedside table. It's worth a try I say, anything for a little extra sleep.


Erika said...

that is awesome! I want one

Nicole Harry said...

I thought you might like it Erika!

Juanita said...

What a great idea! I wonder if it'll make a difference though - that excitement of being awake is so unquenchable in toddlers that they'll be shouting about the picture on the clock as it changes :-)

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