Thursday, 9 December 2010

Blog Challenge update

A quick update on my self impossed Blog Challenge .
Last weeks figures                               This weeks figures
27 Followers                                          29 Followers
40 Facebook fans                                 44 Facebook fans
10 Twitter followers                               10 Twitter followers
59 Visitors                                              111 Visitors

Slow and steady! But I am pretty happy with the progress.


PJ @ Home Decor | Garden Decor said...

Hi Nicole,
just came over from linkreferral.
Nice blog that you have and it looks like your traffic and twitter/facebook followers are increasing from week to week.
Just keep posting interesting and most important, unique content.
(Google will love you for unique content) and before long you will see 100+ visits a day.
Good Luck and my Best Wishes
Paula Jo

storybookmom said...

very nice statistics! love the laid back design:) followed you on google.. drop by my site sometime:)

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