Monday, 6 December 2010

Where is my placenta???

Pregnancy can be a time of worry for those involved. You worry about what you eat, how much you weigh, if the baby is OK, will the birth go well and a gazillion other worries! I had  y first and what I thought only ultrasound for this pregnancy recently. The results were sent to my local GP. The nurse called me two days ago to let me know that the doctor wanted to see me, she was very reassuring that it wasn't urgent but I worried, my husband worried too. I thought there was a problem with out baby and that, folks, is a very nasty feeling! Today the doctor told me that she had called me in to let me know that my placenta is low laying (placenta previa) and that I would need another ultrasound in about six weeks to check on it. She did let me know that normally what happens is that the placenta is carried up and away form the exit as the uterus grows but they have to check. The upside is that I get to see bub again before the birth, the down side is that if the placenta is still low my homebirth is out the window, in fact a natural birth may be crossed off the list entirely. I. DO. NOT. want a caesarean, repeat with me, Nicole does NOT want a caesarean. The thought petrifies me, I HATE needles, the surgery frightens me and I am worried about the recovery. I also really do not want my baby born under what I feel are hostile conditions, I want a homebirth with my husband, my children and my midwife, a calm environment and very little disruption. My fingers and toes are crossed that in six weeks that pesky placenta is well out of the way!

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