Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Being grateful

Australia has been hit by some truly horror weather recently. Victoria and Tasmania both have towns flooded and Queensland seems to have been almost wiped out by great torrents of water. For Pete's sake there have been bull sharks spotted cruising the main street of one small down, having swam in from the over flowing river.
The stories are heartbreaking- children lost to the waters, babies being torn from their mothers arms, men out helping with the SES and other organisations returning home to find their entire family gone. So many lives lost and shattered.
Yet, from the destruction, comes hope, and a renewal of faith in human kindness, heroism and mate ship. The volunteers at the evacuation centres are not only providing hot meals but are catering to specific diet needs, therefore eliminating additional stress for some. The photo's of the hundreds if not thousands lined up to volunteer in the clean up effort is nothing short of heart swelling and makes me proud to be Australian. The money and goods pouring into charities and those who have opened their unflooded homes to others only add to the pride we as a nation, and those who are helping, should feel.

My usual morning routine includes me stumbling out for breakfast and thinking "I hate this kitchen" recently this thought has become "I hate this kitchen, but at least I have one". Hearing how other peoples lives have been torn apart and being in tears at what people have endured has given rise to a new appreciation of my own life. At times, life is not easy, but I have my house. My kids may drive me crazy at times but I am thankful that I have never had to literally cling to them for dear life. My husband can be a pain (yes, honey you can!) but we have each other and I am more than thankful for that!

The beginning of 2011 has been a stark and harrowing reminder of all that we have to be grateful for. I don't normally make New Year resolutions (I never stick to them anyway) and this one is late coming but this year I will be grateful, for everything I have and I will stop mourning what I do not.

"Learn to enjoy things the way that they are"

Stay tuned this week for two guest posts from fellow bloggers on the topic of being grateful.

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Nicky said...

Hi Nicole, yes, we must count our blessings and stop grumbling, something I do at times without even realising I do it! Have a blessed week-end. Nicky

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