Thursday, 20 January 2011

Being grateful

Hi my name is Karlee and I also have a blog about my life as a stay at home mum (and learning to be a housewife). I called it "the mother experiment", because I used to be a scientist and sometimes it feels like this mum thing is uncharted ground. I love reading From Highlights to Housework, so I feel incredibly privileged that Nicole asked me to write a guest post. If you would like to know more about me please feel free to check out my blog The Mother Experiment

Nicole has asked me to write about things I am grateful for in light of how much others have lost in these Queensland floods. I was not directly affected but that does not mean that the images I've seen have not disturbed me greatly. When I close my eyes I replay them, and sometimes I weep. I feel for those who have lost and I think of how could I cope if it had happened to me.

Yet I am so incredibly fortunate that I do not personally know anyone who lost their lives or lost loved ones or even lost their house. I have some distant relatives and acquainces whose businesses were flooded, but businesses can be rebuilt. This is incredible considering I have a lot of family in Toowoomba, some in Dalby, friends in Emerald, studied in St Lucia and live relatively close to Goodna. I wonder how I could possibly be so lucky.

So what I am most grateful for is God's protection over my family. It feels selfish to say this. I know that many Christians lost everything, including parents, children, and friends. So how can I claim that God cares about us? How can I explain it when many Australians don't even believe in God, or the concept of a god. I do not know the answers. I do not know why some are lost and some were spared, but I do feel strongly in my heart that God knows what He is doing and somehow this tragedy has a greater purpose and someday this will be revealed. Of course it is easy for me to say that when I'm high and dry and still have my creature comforts around me. I try not to feel guilty.

The other things I am most grateful for are not things at all, but people. I have found my hugs lasting just that little bit longer this week. My husband, who I know loves me so dearly that everything he does he does to provide for my daughter and I and protect us. My baby girl, aged 10 months, who brings joy and light to even the darkest of hours. My parents, who are such a great practical and emotional support to us. They let us stay at their place when we were at risk of being flooded in (not flooded but cut-off). My sister, brother-in-law and niece. My grandparents, great grandparents, aunties, uncles, cousins, in-laws, friends... You get my point. I am so thankful I have such supportive and loving family and friends.

Of course I also am a bit more grateful for everyday comforts too: our house, our car, clean water, electricity, fresh food, clean clothes, my phone, our bed, my daughters toys and books, financial security... But I know that these things can oh-so-quickly be taken away so I try not to get too attached. Life is fickle, sometimes it doesn't make sense. All I can do is be thankful and enjoy the time I have and the people I am blessed to share it with.

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