Thursday, 6 January 2011

Eat, Pray, Love

I am currently reading Eat, Pray, Love written by Elizabeth Gilbert.
So far, at 43 pages in, I love this book. I love the language and the amazing way in which Gilbert manages to evoke images in your minds eye. Ignore the hype I say and read it!

As I have been reading it has gotten me thinking. Gilbert talks a lot about spirituality, not necessarily religion but creative force. God as such, but not the Christian God or the God of any one religion but of the surrounding presence that seems to fill the world. The "something" that's "out there" that you can't put your finger on. It got me thinking about my own famine of spirituality, the feeling that something is missing.

I went to a Catholic school as a child and to a child that sort of organised religion, with the rituals and hymns and the stunning colours associated with the religious seasons, is intoxicating. I swallowed the teaching whole without even the need of a glass of water. By my early teens I was questioning religion in general and how this "god" could be so cruel and punishing while at the same time apparently all forgiving.
I had soon dropped religion completely.

Over the years I have been interested on and off in the other alternative religions. Wicca, Buddhism, Shinto and paganism in general. All of these religions have aspects that I really admire and they all have aspect I do not!
I feel a bit adrift, that something is missing. I wholeheartedly reject organised religion but I sometimes ache for "something". An attachment to something bigger, to something more devine than the disconnected, violent, loveless rabble that a large proportion of the human race seems to be evolving into.

Where do I find such a thing?
What is it that I am really looking for?
Should I just make my own way?
and what is it I really believe in anyway?

The complexities of life's questions can really mess with your head!

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