Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Holy cow Batman! It's grey!

Standing at the bathroom basin, innocently cleaning my teeth and peering at my complexion (without squinting to avoid wrinkles....) I noticed a truly horrifying change in my appearance. Yes, that is right folks, grey hair had appeared on my head. Not one, not two but a patch! A PATCH
I say! It was enough to make me choke on my toothpaste.

I charged off into the bedroom, arms flapping about (and possibly foaming at the mouth due to aforementioned toothpaste) and accused my husband of terribly neglecting his wife's delicate mental state. He had no idea what I was on about. I pointed to my head and shrieked about grey hairs, my husband peered at me (with squinting!) and announced he could not see a single grey hair AT ALL! Oh the horror of a neglectful and colour blind husband!

I reached for the phone to call my hairdresser for an emergency appointment to colour my hair. My baby kicked me, and I remembered that I refuse to colour my hair while pregnant to protect my baby from the chemicals (and also that I no longer have a hairdresser on speed dial). The indignity of the whole situation! So I hit google instead, looking for glamour amongst the grey....


Juanita said...

Henna anyone? :-)

Listen, coming from a person who started getting grey hairs when she turned 20 (it's my dad's genes), you get used to it. Now I quite like my salt 'n pepper sprinkle.

Rhianna said...

I like to call mine silver, has much more of a sparkle to it I think than just plain old grey

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