Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Mummy titles

This week my first born started school! It has been a long wait for us all and by the time the first day rolled around, everyone (including mummy and daddy!) were very ready for the little Bug to pull on her uniform and start on her education career. Things have started well, Bug has been really excited, and in fact today she bypassed the playground and saying good bye to me and headed straight into her classroom and took her seat, early! She is already in love with school; I hope it stays that way for her.
As a result of this school business I now seem to hold a few mummy job titles, mother of a school age child, a pre-schooler and pregnant. Sadly, I don't get paid in accordance with the number of titles I hold. How all this title holding will affect my sanity is yet to be seen, so far I still seem to be in possession of all of my marbles, which is most useful really. The thing that really seems to worry me is the relentlessness of school. It is getting out of bed at the same time every day, making breakfast, cleaning teeth, doing hair, putting on uniforms, making lunches, being sure that all supplies and reader books etc. are in the school bag and getting out the door on time, EVERY DAY! This is new to us and thankfully the school system helps you ease into it but starting the kids on half days for the first three days and by having every Wednesday off for the first month. I am already feeling the need to be far more organised so that I don't end up chasing my tail!
My little Cricket, the pre-schooler is coping well with all this. She misses her big sister but she is enjoying the time she has with just me (and I with her!) Cricket is also very much looking forward to the baby arriving and being able to help me out with her while Bug is at school. The problem is that she gets bored fairly quickly, Cricket has always been very good at playing alone but it gets a bit much when it is all day. I try to play with her too but she doesn't really want me to. So keeping her occupied has taken on a whole other dimension!
On the pregnancy front, well I am over it, I am at the 32 week mark and the next 8 weeks can't go fast enough. I am feeling awkward and hot and my hips and back hurt and getting around with kids in tow sucks and blah blah blah! Bring on labour I say, I can do that and I know that it won't go on for weeks on end! To top this all off I feel guilty about complaining about this pregnancy, but I think that will have to be a whole other post.

 I am hoping that I learn to juggle all my roles in a timely fashion. Cause seriously, I want to keep all my marbles!


Rhianna said...

yep the whole school thing is a bit much at times, I know that the whole leaving the house 5 times a week before 8 is a constant struggle in our house

Nicole Harry said...

Yikes! If I had to leave before 8 I would arriving at school in my pj's! Thankfully we walk out the door at 8.30, still not a good time for someone who is NOT a morning person.

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