Friday, 4 February 2011

Quiet and stressed

I have been fairly quiet on the blog front lately. It has been a stressful time for us; my husband's family have spent the last week in Family Court in support of his brother and it has been a rough emotional ride for everyone involved.
The weather here in Victoria has been really hot this last week and with my big pregnant belly it has really wiped me out. Thankfully it has cooled down somewhat and I am able to sit at my computer without feeling like I am melting!
In light of these two stresses I have been looking for ways to handle daily stress better. I am currently reading Buddhism for Mothers of Schoolchildren by Sarah Napthali
and have found it very insightful and will be using the knowledge I am gaining.

As mothers we really do lead rather stressful lives, from the view of those who aren't parents we seem to have it easy, all we have to do is cook, clean, shop, get the kids to school on time and "do" lunch with our mummy buddies. This is such a long way for how it really is. Sure we cook, three meals a day, every day, plus on call snacks and drinks, and we have to make sure these meals are balanced and healthy and then half the time the little buggers refuse to eat what we give them! And before we cook the meals we have to shop for the ingredients often with a child or two in tow! You see that women at your local supermarket, the one who looks like she would love the floor to open and swallow her cause her child is yelling about wanting to go home RIGHT NOW! And the trolley only has three items in it and none of them are food? She is stressed, seriously, and the dirty looks she gets make it worse. Then she has to go home and cook a meal for that screaming child when what she would really like to do is pop them out the front with a sign that says "free to good home"! AND THEN when she has done all that shopping and cooking she has to clean up, the dishes, the pots, the pans, the cutlery, the high chair, the floor, the table and on a bad day the ceiling and her own clothing. Stress!
The school run is a whole other kettle of fish, you think having at least one kid at school would free up time, but it doesn't in fact it adds two trips out the door per day that you may not have had before and often you have another child or two In tow. If they are anything like mine just getting out the door is an exercise in military precision, little Cricket wants to change shoes three times, she needs to match her hand bag to her outfit, take a sudden toilet stop and find a book to keep her entertained on the three minute car trip! Stress!
It is no wonder mothers used to be told to take a Bex and have a little nap. Now a days, according to the media, it is harder drugs that mums seem to be getting into!
We mums need to take better care of ourselves; stress in small doses is good for you but in big doses can wreak havoc on you! Take some time out for yourself, have a bath, read a book, flick through a magazine, meditate and make sure your kids know that mummy needs some down time. It is good for children to see that their parents take time out to look after their wellbeing.

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Rhianna said...

Now surely you of all people can't hold it against Cricket for wanting matching accessories? I wonder where on earth she could have picked that up from

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