Monday, 21 February 2011

My pregnancy

I haven't had much to say about being pregnant here on Highlights to Housework, I am not really sure why, this pregnancy just seems to have raced by and I feel very much like I know how it all works now and so I have had less worry and surprises this time around.

I am now heading into my last six weeks and I am swinging wildly between "Oh God! How on earth will I get through another six weeks of this" to "Oh God! I only have six weeks left, how will I ever manage with three kids". It makes me feel a bit sea sick really!

This pregnancy has gone along very smoothly, as did the other two. I feel less patient this time around and the aches and pains are worse but I expected that, given that I am already a mother of two with all the running around that entails. I am sure I have probably complained a little more loudly this time too but my husband is too gracious to tell (or at least he better be!)

I have started the nesting that seems to occur with each of my pregnancies. The sorting of clothes, the desire to clean everything and the orders I keep piling on my husband, cutting the grass and the trimming of trees and the planting or flowers and the digging of swimming pools (only joking...although it is an idea). I also take to wanting to do crazy things on the decorating front. Like making all of the furniture white and french, with mirrored chests of drawers and lashings of pink accents. Bring in the chandeliers and the polished floors and the marble bench tops and.....YIKES, getting carried away there. My poor husband says I have two decorating styles, pregnant and not pregnant, not too sure which on he prefers really, probably neither!

I seem to be running out of clothing that actually fits me and I spend most of nights rolling over instead of sleeping, but I love being pregnant, the little kicks and pushes and squirming and the knowing that a baby will be in our house at the end of it makes all the crazy stuff worth it!

I'll be making an effort this week to fill you in on our birth plan and maybe the birth stories of Cricket and Bug. Any pregnant readers out there? How are you feeling?


Tashmica said...

I love you lovely baby belly. I loved being pregnant too. I have three now and I remember that last pregnancy being exhausting. It went smoothly but being pregnant with two other young children is challenging. Especially with the body discomfort and sleep depravity. :)

In other news, I am a crazy person in the beginning of my pregnancy. As a matter of fact, crazy is one of the ways we determine pregnancy in this household. My poor

Kylie W said...

I loved being pregnant and my pregnancies were fairly easy (even the last one that went a bit pear shaped at 33 weeks) and am sad that I will never feel the movement of a baby in my belly again. Make the most of feeling your baby move around inside you for the last few weeks. I think sometimes we get too caught with our aches and pains and our busy lives to stop and enjoy the little one within. My (not so) little one is now 8.5 months old and crawling. How fast they grow up.

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