Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Oh so tired!

Being tired is an epidemic amongst mums, in fact, it is probably an epidemic amongst the population in general! Adding motherhood to your list of hobbies really does seem to make being tired inevitable.
I think I have discovered half of the problem, aside from a general lack of sleep and the ability to constantly ignore our own needs of course!
I have been monitoring my inner thoughts after reading Buddhism for Mothers of School Children (see this post for details) and I have noticed that I tell myself dozens of times a day that I am tired. We all know just how quickly we talk ourselves into a negative state, it doesn't take much at all. So here I am going about my daily life with the thought of "I am so tired" swirling around my head over and over again, so of course I am exhausted, why wouldn't I be if all I do is tell myself I am?
The other issue is when some asks how I am, "tired" is often the answer I give them, so again my brain is telling my body how tired I am.
Now I am not expecting to instead be telling myself that I have the energy of a three year old and that I feel amazing and bring on a marathon! What I am expecting is that before I automatically tell myself I am tired, I will stop and actually think about how my body is feeling, often it is not tired. Often my body feels just fine and with that thought I can move on with what I am trying to achieve.  I am trying to make it a habit to actually observe how I am feeling before making a blanket statement. It doesn't mean that I am not tired, by 3pm I feel like I could sleep for a week, but for most of the morning I feel really good, and that means I wind up getting more done, it is a revelation!
Try it, you might like it!

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Tashmica said...

This is so true. I tend to even say ouch before I ever really get hurt. I am a verbal suggestion mess. I am working on my ability to sabotage myself because of my need to rescue myself. It's a long story that begins with child abuse. You read my blog. You know :)

Here's to changing damaging behaviors! Cheers!

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