Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Meatless Monday

Starting Monday the 21st of March we will be hosting a Meatless Monday link up!

Meatless Monday is all about going meat free on a Monday to support your health and the environment.

Highlights to Housework will be posting a recipe idea and a few good reasons to go meat free every Monday from the 21st. If you would like to join up for the blog hop check back here on Monday the 21st so that you can post your own link to a recipe or an idea about Meatless Monday

For more information please see

Meatless Mondays Australia


Travel Queen said...

I like this idea, I always try to have a couple of meat free days a week! To support me with lent this year TJ has given up meat! Not sure how he will survive but he's making a great effort :)

Nicole Harry said...

Guys seem to have a hard time giving up meat! We have tried to have a few meat free days a week but I often forget. I am really hoping that joining in with meatless Monday will help that along a little. Hope you two are doing well over there, starting to warm up yet?

Travel Queen said...

It's warmed up a little but not as much as I would like!! Can't wait to be home in June :-) I'm going to post on your new post now with a recipe :)

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