Friday, 18 March 2011

Things I know

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Things I know:

The further along in your pregnancy you get the further away your toes are!

Home birth and independent midwifery are well worth fighting for

The idea of birth does not scare children

When I have a pair of pants in your wardrobe with a waist that fits neatly around my head, I know its time to clean out my clothes

When my three year old can use the word "negotiable" in context I know my parenting is about to get a lot more challenging!

With three daughters and a wife I know the door to my husbands office is going to be large, sound proof and locked.


Kate said...

All so true!

Particularly re children and birth. I was very iffy about our older children being present for the homebirth of our now 4mo daughter. When the time came the 7yo boy was fascinated and loved it, the 5yo girl self regulated and chose to stay in her room until the baby was born. The issues were mine and mine alone. Kids are awesome :D

Nicole Harry said...

Thanks for stopping by Kate! This is so very true, it's us adults that cause all the issues really...

Tashmica said...

I want a large sound proof door. Something I know. If he gets one, I do. :)

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