Thursday, 24 March 2011

Setting up for labour

This week is really our final "get ready" week. Officially I have just over 11 days till our baby is due and we are getting the house all organised for labour and birth! Oops, I actually think I have forgotten to tell my readers that we are having a planned home birth...well now you know.
So this week we have taken delivery of two oxygen tanks and our birth pool,any other emergency stuff goes in the fridge or where ever it needs to be. We have loads of towels, ice packs and hot water bottles. Babies first outfit has been chosen and will be wrapped in foil along with a blanket and placed in a low temp oven when it comes time.

The rest of the week is just for the easy stuff, making sure everything is tidy and things are easy to find so that our birth team can find anything they need. I will make up a batch of soup to put in the freezer ready to pop on the stove when labour starts to feed everyone.

It is pretty low key really, we are ready, our midwives are ready, the house is ready and Cricket and Bug have been briefed. The only person who does not yet seem ready is our baby! Oh well, the joy of waiting.

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The Mother Experiment said...

How exciting! All the best.

Rhianna said...

So super exciting Nic, sending lots of birthy vibes your way, wishing you all the very best and hope you don't have to wait to long xxx

Andrea said...

I'm right there with you, Except I still have about 27 days to go. I'm glad to have found the blog of someone else who is near due!

Andrea said...

HI Again Nicole,

I realised when you left a comment that I must have been signed into my other blog when I commented on your blog. I tend to blog more frequently at this other blog - although I like my Sew in Style blog as well. I try to keep them a bit separate because my everyday blog is more about fitness.

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